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Climate and Nature

We have a decade to drastically cut back greenhouse gas emissions.  Otherwise immense destruction to the environment.

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Against Fascism

Dictators, brutes, authoritarians of all stripes have inspired the same in the U.S.  These are articles about the problem and efforts to combat it.

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Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine under the sway of the U.S. and the E.U., Russia going the full authoritarian.

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The Administration seemed ready to start nuclear war, then after the South Korean government made efforts to halt the rush to catastrophe there was an about face.  Of course, it can change again on a dime.

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No Nukes

Nuclear war could end it all.  Nuclear power is a dangerous way to boil water with waste that no one has any idea on how to store safely.  

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PEP Flyers and Brochures

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The 2019 Shafer Lecture

Frida Berrigan on Nuclear War


Jackson Browne Accepts the Gandhi Peace Award


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The Struggle Video News

Sultan of Brunei's Laws are Like ISIS

The Ralph Nader Radio Hour

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