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Gandhi Peace Award 2020

Gandhi Peace Award 2020

Gandhi Peace Award 2020Gandhi Peace Award 2020Gandhi Peace Award 2020

Given to two wonderful people in honor of Syrian medical workers and rescuers



With the Banks Reeling, Demand Climate Bailout, Too

Their stock market is in ruins and their immense debt binge has led to a immense hangover.  Don't just redo the old broken system


After Online meeting "Justice for Mubi


Protesting During the Weeks of Stay-Home



Amazing FB Page with Video and Graphics about the Destruction of Syria...Daali Anti-War

Palestine and BDS


Oppose Israel’s climate apartheid.


Revive the Peace Movement

New - Ideas on Iran, Emma Botta & Frieda Afary on the possibility of a new Peace Movement, Muslims in India (and the U.S.) struggle against Hindu supremacy government  Click here to get to

PeP's Bold Proposal on Climate


  • Takeover the Fossil Fuel Industries
  • Plan a Smokestack-Free Economy
  • De-Growth NOT Growth is the goal



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And for the latest on Saudi Arabia and Yemen

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