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Ever since the August 1945 dropping of two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities August has become the month to stress opposition to nuclear weapons.  Remembrance vigil

 Friday in West Hartford

In 2017 the ICAN group which campaigns for a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons was given the Nobel Peace Prize.  We seemed to be making progress.

Yet the "leaders" who think brutality is the only way to act have grown more numerous.

As if to spit on the anti-nuclear movement President Trump on August 2, 2019 announced the U.S. had left the INF treaty, the agreement that had eliminated two categories of weapons.  A new 


Aug. 6 was the 74th anniversary of its atomic bombing by the United States on Tuesday, with tens of thousands of people attending a ceremony at ground zero.

In a speech on August 6, 2019, Hiroshima's Mayor Kazumi Matsui urged the government to join a U.N. treaty banning nuclear weapons.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, also present, refused, saying the treaty does not reflect security realities.


America’s nuclear-weapons policy isn’t what you think—it’s much worse - Alex Wallerstein  "the lethality of our nuclear arsenal is higher than it was in the 1980's".  Think about what that means.

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