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Mini-Hiroshima Bomb on U.S. Sub


First new nuclear bomb since the Cold War

 The Federation of American Scientists revealed in late January the U.S. Navy had for the first time deployed a submarine armed with a low-yield Trident nuclear warhead.  Low-yield is nuclear speak. One of these bombs would obliterate 20 blocks of people and buildings in New York City.  These new nuclear bombs were put on the USS Tennessee whose base is in Georgia at Kings Bay.

Speaking on Democracy Now reporter William Arkin said he thought the sub was being equipped with the new bomb not to scare Russia, but to warn Iran and North Korea.  It would make a nuclear attack more possible since the weapons were ONLY "low-yield".   Arkin was very concerned given Donald Trump's personality and how in the range of measures to take against Iran the most extreme, assassination of Soleimani, was the one he chose.

If Kings Bay rings a bell in your memory that's the base where the Kings Bay Plowshares did a non-violent action a couple of years ago and are now awaiting their prison sentences.

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