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Contest - Make a Meme - Win Cash


Contest: Make a Meme Calling for Cancellation of CT’s New Proposed Fracked Gas Plant

First Prize $100 cash, Second Prize $50 cash Third Prize $30 cash


The NTE Energy company is getting ready to build a fracked (methane) gas plant in Connecticut to produce electricity. Besides negative local effects it will burn methane and  throw some 2 million tons of carbon dioxide into the air yearly.  The methane used is  produced by fracking which notoriously leaks methane into the air.  All the permits have been approved for the “Killingly Energy Center”. Though the area is empty now and community activists and local political leaders have been fighting it for years, the digging could start at any time. 

CT Governor Lamont can stop it. He has to be convinced, influenced, or shamed into realizing that we are living in a climate emergency and there’s no way millions more tons of CO2/methane emissions are acceptable.  More facts here.

One way to get people involved is through memes/cartoons/graphics.

So Promoting Enduring Peace is holding a contest and will give a cash award to the best three meme’s.


Points That You Might Make

This isn’t a local Issue, We have only one atmosphere, **** Fracking Leaks Methane *** We Have Less Than 11 Years Left to Reach the first emissions goal (50% Less),  **** The U.N. issued a doomsday warning a year ago, **** “Natural Gas” isn’t a Bridge. It’s an Explosive ****  #2030CutCarbonInHalf, **** #ClimateStrike ***** Not Another Killingly Power Plant, **** Methane is 84 times worse than CO2 in the short run **** Good Planets are Hard to Find – Extinction Rebellion *** What Good are Jobs on a Drowned Planet? *** 


Rules to PEP Anti-Fracking Contest #1

Only use photos/cartoons for which you have a right to use. No copyright infringement.

No cursing, ethnic slurs, slander, etc.

No electioneering for or against any candidate

Understand PEP has the right to use any of the memes you submit (on its sites, video, etc.) (You retain the right to use the meme any way you wish) 


How to Submit the Meme

Create an email and write in the text: 

I read and agree to the Rules of PEP’s Anti-Fracking Contest #1. Type your name below (and town or city if you want)

Attach the graphic to the email and send it to:

Contest closes October 20, 2019

If you win, we’ll get back to you by email.


You Don’t Have to Be an Artist to Make a Meme

These sites provide pictures

or get photos from

Or make an original picture

See some meme's below



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