Working for Peace on Earth and Peace with Earth since 1952

Sat., June 15 in New Haven


Grassroots Struggles in Syria and Iran

How Can we Express International Solidarity?

How Can we Build Effective Opposition to Trump's Iran War Threats?

Hear:   Yasser Munif  (Professor of Sociology at Emerson College)

               Munif is Syrian, has visited Syria in the last few years and is active

                with the Global Campaign of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

                This is an 11 minute audio interview from 2017.  One subject he'll be talking about

                will be Assad's prisons.  See this recent "The Nation" article.

Sina Moravej  (MPH, activist)  

              Hear 6/2/19 radio interview with Sina Moravej and Stanley Heller

Songs by Dylan Connor

            View his recent song "Idlib (The Revolution Lives)"

7 p.m.

Sat. June 15

Great Hall

Parish House

United Church on the Green

323 Temple St.

New Haven, CT


Initial Sponsors:  Middle East Crisis Committee,  Promoting Enduring Peace

President Trump, talking about Idlib, has tweeted "the World is watching this butchery."  It shouldn't just "watch".  These are ideas on how the U.S. could help, peaceful but forceful measures.


How to the Enter the Bridgeport Islamic Community Center

for the 4/28/19 event

Program of the 4/28 Conference


Our plan

3:45 doors open

4 p.m. Welcome and Introduction

Video of David Wallace-Wells  (several minutes)

Very brief video of Alexandia Ocasio-Cortez

Complete Video "A Message from the Future" AOC & Molly Crabapple

Keynote: Richard Smith

Q. and A.

Andres Bernal

Q. and A.

Break for food and activist tables

Collection to Offset Costs of the Event

Very brief video of George Monbiot

How Nature Can Save Us From Carbon Breakdown (Animation)

Dan Fischer - Narrated Power Point

Q. and A. 

Video: Coops, Cincinnati and in Jackson  


What Does this Mean for Bridgeport?

An Ecosocialist World and How to Get There

Influencing CT and other Climate Groups

6:40 End - Replace Chairs and Tables