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How to Help Syrians


Peaceful measures


June 2019. Syria is in ruins and for the most part is under control of the tyrannical Assad regime assisted by Russia, Iran and militias under control of the Iranian regime. Cities like Raqqa were liberated from ISIS by the U.S. with horrific costs to civilians. Only three areas are not under total  Assad control, the province of Idlib, the area in the north controlled by a Syrian-Kurdish militia which it calls Rojava, and al Rukban, a refugee camp near the Iraq and Jordanian borders housing some 30,000 people. 

Russian and Assad planes and helicopters are raining mayhem down on the population of Idlib. In May,  25 medical facilities were bombed and around 600 people killed.


What peaceful measures can be take to help Syrians? Here is a list:


· Have the U.S. use its radar to warn Syrians in Idlib on approaching air attacks

         It used radar from "Rojava" to keep U.S. and Russian planes safely apart. Use it now to save lives.

· Close U.S. airports to Aeroflot, the Russian airliner

         This measure of economic pressure would send a message to Putin.

· Immediately resupply al Rukban from the U.S. base in Syria 30 or so miles away.

· Get International justice organization to draw up lists of Russians involved in war crimes from politicians to pilots

· Restore U.S. funding to Syrian civil society. Increase funding to the White Helmets.

· Donate to Syrian doctors via MedGlobal

· Turkey and Jordan, Reopen the borders for refugees. 

         Search for weapons, but allow people in. Increase payments to the countries from the international community.

· USA, allow in thousands of Syrian refugees

           It's the right thing to do and the least we can do after killing 1,000+ civilians in Raqqa

· Israel, allow the return of Syrian-Palestinians to their homes

· Make it plain to the Assad regime that there will be no international money for reconstruction until it  empties       

            its prisons

· Investigate current U.N. humanitarian aid to stop the "rake-off" to Assad officials

- Pay for Syrians to rebuild Raqqa