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Yale Students Solidarity with Yemen

Cornel West keynotes the event 3/30/19 in Yale's Battell Chapel  (note: 11 second audio gap at 2:44)  West is introduced by Daud Shad

A Coalition Began Bombing Their Poorest Neighbor

Dr. Shireen Al-Adeimi gives the background.  She is introduced by Marlika Marceau.

Oud Music for Yemen

Hadi Eldebek plays and sings two songs.  He is introduced by  Amal Altareb

Yale Students Introduce the Program

Daud Shad, Mehdi Baqri, Yasmin Abdella, and Sarah Pitafiand  talk about the program and urge contributions to Doctors Without Borders via:

Thanks to TSVN "The Struggle Video News" for recording the program