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The Mark Shafer Lecture


"Nuclear Weapons Ruined My Life and They're Ruining Yours too. "

The 2019 Mark Shafer Lecture will be  delivered by Frida Berrigan  on Tuesday, March 26 at the United Church Parish House, Great Hall, 323 Temple St.  It is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:30. Lecture is at 7.

Berrigan is a long-time anti-nuclear activist.  She is the author of It Runs In The Family: On Being Raised by Radicals and Growing into Rebellious Motherhood (OR Books, 2015). She writes for TomDispatch, and WagingNonviolence.Org, serves on the board of the War Resisters League and is active with Witness Against Torture. She has three children and lives in New London, Connecticut. She spoke briefly at the 2018 Gandhi Peace Award and received a standing ovation.

As the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists keeps the Nuclear Clock at Two Minutes to midnight and Trump takes the U.S. out of the medium range nuclear arms treaty, her remarks will be all the more timely.

Timothy Snyder


The 2017 Mark Shafer Lecture was  delivered by Timothy Snyder on November 28 at the United Church Parish House, Great Hall

Timothy Snyder is one of the leading American historians and public intellectuals, He is the Housum Professor of History at Yale University and a permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. Before joining the faculty at Yale in 2001, he held fellowships in Paris, Vienna, and Warsaw, and an Academy Scholarship at Harvard. He speaks five and reads ten European languages. Among his publications are: The Reconstruction of Nations: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, 1659-1999 (2003); Sketches from a Secret War: A Polish Artist’s Mission to Liberate Soviet Ukraine (2005); The Red Prince: The Secret Lives of a Habsburg Archduke (2008); and Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (2010) and Black Earth (2015).

Days after the 2016 presidential election Snyder sounded the alarm on a Facebook post that was shared over 18,000 times.  It later became the heart of a book “On Tyranny”

Snyder's Speech

Christian Parenti


2016.  Parenti spoke in New Haven.  From the promotion:

How exactly does climate change drive warfare and migration? What role do US military and economic policies play in the global crisis of violence? What might a just and fair politics of climate adaptation look like? Journalist, author and scholar Christian Parenti will explore how militarism and neoliberal economics exacerbate the social crisis of climate change.


Dr. Christian Parenti teaches in New York University’s Global Liberal Studies program. He has published four books on the political economy and history of criminal justice, surveillance, and warfare, the most recent being, “Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence” (Nation Books, 2011).

As a journalist, Parenti has reported extensively from Afghanistan, Iraq, and various parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. His work has appeared in The Nation, Fortune, The London Review of Books, The New York Times, and many other publications.

Parenti's Speech