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Rep. Khanna's Plan to End Saudi War on Yemen


A bill that can't be vetoed

See details on the site of the Coalition to End the U.S. -Saudi Alliance 


Video of the Green New Deal Conference

KeyNote Talk: Richard Smith


Declare a State of Climate Emergency: Nationalize, Plan, Guarantee Full Employment

Stanley Heller Introduces the Conference



We Need Radical Change or Climate Results will be Cataclysmic

AOC Adviser Talks about the Green New Deal

 The Green New Deal Resolution Would Mobilize on the Scale of Going to War.  Andres Bernal, adviser to member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks

A Message from the Future


We also viewed this video narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and drawn by Molly Crabapple

Q. and A. with Richard Smith


Buy Out the Fossil Fuel Companies for $2.2 Trillion

Living Systems Suck Carbon Out of the Air

We saw this video recommended by the great British climate activist George Monbiot  (2 minutes) @GeorgeMonbiot

"There's Time, but we Can't Go On Pissing on the Margins"

 We viewed this 2 minute video of climate activist George Monbiot talking on the BBC    @GeorgeMonbiot 


 Excerpt: Co-ops in Cincinnati and Jackson, Mississippi (10 minutes)  A way to employ people in a sustainable way.  We planned to show this on 4/28, but ran out of time

The Military's Contribution to Climate collapse

a PEP flyer 

Greenhouse gas and the military flyer (pdf)


1/28/19 protest -- "No Coup, No Support for Maduro"

the protest was sponosred by PEP and New Haven /Leon Sister City Project

We Need to Broaden and Expand

Bolton is making very clear this is a coup to reorder the Venezuelan oil industry for the benefit of U.S. oil companies