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Prevent a Trump War on Iran


Pentagon Drawing Plans to Send 120,000 for Attack

Of course its framed as defense but the New York Times has found that Trump is readying plans to send 120,000 soldiers to the "Middle East".  The excuse would be this would be done IF "Iran attack American forces or accelerate work on nuclear weapons".  No doubt phony charges or false flag operations are being drawn up to fool Americans into believing Iran is attacking or is some horrible, horrible threat.

We've been through this before with Iraq

For ten years the war planners talked about Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction".  There were sanctions on Iraq that led to a million deaths.  The 2003 invasion led to thousands of Americans dead, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead and the rise of ISIS.  Not to speak of the trillions of dollars wasted.

Let's not put up with this for one second.

No war.  No threats. No sanctions.  We had a decent nuclear deal with Iran. Trump deliberately threw it all away to satisfy the war mongers, Netanyahu and his followers and the priests of Armageddon.  Congress must act now and declare NO WAR with Iran and take firm and bold action.  What about asking the House to stop voting for military appropriations until Trump pulls back the U.S.S. Lincoln from the Middle East (and ends all support for the Saudi war on Yemen)?

Not to Minimize What the Regime is Doing

While Iran is no threat to the U.S. and while an unprovoked attack is a crime, our job is certainly is more difficult since the  Iran government  IS committing terrible crimes.  It is  supporting Assad force in Syria, has its militias all over the Middle East  and it persecutes Iran's heroes at home.  A case in point is Nasrin Sotoudeh  a prominent human rights lawyer, who has  been sentenced to a prison term totaling 38 years and 148 lashes for defending women's rights.  Iran should get out of Syria period.  It should free Soutoudeh because that is just.  At any rate Iran should realize what effect its conduct is having on international opinion and the anti-war campaign.

Newsweek reminds us that Iran is not powerless and can hit back


From a Protest Near the UN

several years ago