Working for Peace on Earth and Peace with Earth since 1952

Award Laureates

1960   Eleanor Roosevelt

 First Lady • Civil Rights Activist • Chmn, UN Comm. on Human Rights

1960   Edwin T. Dahlberg

 Interfaith Activist • President of National Council of Churches

1961   Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath

 President, Union of Amer. Hebrew Congregations

1961   John Haynes Holmes

 Co-Founder, ACLU and NAACP

1962   Linus C. Pauling

 Nobel Prize in Chemistry • Nobel Peace Prize • Stockholm Peace Petition

1962   James Paul Warburg

 Businessman • Industrialist • Peace Author

1963   E. Stanley Jones

 Missionary to India • Popularizer of Gandhian Way • Peace Author

1964   Martin Luther King, Jr.*

 Southern Christian Leadership Council • Nobel Peace Prize

1966   A.J. Muste

 Progressive Labor Activist • Exec Sec, Fellowship of Reconciliation

1967   Norman Thomas

 Early Leader, ACLU • Socialist Candidate for President • Peace Author

1967   Jerome Davis**

 Founder, Promoting Enduring Peace • Yale Professor • Labor Rights Activist

1967   William Sloane Coffin, Jr.

 Chaplain, Yale • President, SANE/Freeze, Clergy & Laity Concerned

1968   Benjamin Spock

 Pediatrician • Co-Founder, SANE/Freeze • Peoples Party Presidential

1970   Wayne Morse

 U.S. Senator led Congressional opposition to US War in Vietnam

1970   Willard Uphaus**

 President, World Fellowship of Faiths • National Religion and Labor Foundation

1972   U Thant

 Secretary General, United Nations • Campaigner for Peace

1974   Daniel Berrigan***

 Jesuit Priest • Plowshares Movement • Lamont Prize • Prof, Fordham

1975   Dorothy Day

 Founder, Catholic Worker Movement • Progressive Journalist

1976   Daniel Ellsberg

 Anti-war Whistleblower and Co-Author, The Pentagon Papers

1978   Peter Benenson

 • Martin Ennals Founder & Exec Secretary, Amnesty International • Nobel Peace Prize

1979   Roland Bainton**

 Campaigner for Quaker Pacifism • Professor, Yale Divinity School President of Promoting Enduring Peace

1980   Helen Caldicott

 Pediatrician • President, Physicians for Social Responsibility

1981   Corliss Lamont

 Civil Libertarian • Progressive Philanthropist-Author-Educator

1982   Randall Watson

 Forsberg Nuclear Freeze Campaign • Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies

1984   Robert Jay Lifton

 Physicians for Social Responsibility • Professor, Yale, CUNY • National Book Award

1984   Kay Camp

 Int’l President, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom • UNESCO

1986   Dr. Bernard Lown

 Cardiologist • International Physicians Against Nuclear War • Nobel Peace Prize

1987   Professor John Somerville

 Founder, International Philosophers for the Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide

1989   César Chávez 

Founder United Farm Workers of America

1990   Marian Wright Edelman

 Founder & President, Children’s Defense Fund • Poor Peoples Campaign

1991   George McGovern

 Senator, Anti-War Leader, 1972 Democratic Candidate for President

1992   Ramsey Clark

 US Attorney General • International Defense Lawyer

1993   Lucius Walker, Jr.

 Founder, IFCO-Pastors for Peace, Cuba Caravans

1994   Roy Bourgeois Maryknoll

 Priest • Founder, School of the Americas Watch

1995   Edith Ballantyne

 President, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

1996   Alan Wright and Paula Kline

 Co-Founders, New Haven/León Sister City Project • SosteNica

1997   Howard Frazier and Alice Zeigler Frazier**

 Longest-serving PEP Exec. Dir. • Founding President, Consumer Federation of America.  Zeigler Frazier:  PEP Co-Executive Director

2002   Michael True

 New England Peace Studies Assoc. • Prof, Assumption Coll. • Author

2003   Dennis Kucinich

 U.S. Congress & Progressive Caucus • Democratic Candidate for President

2004   David Cortright

 • Karen Jacob** SANE/Freeze • Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies • Chairman, Fourth Freedom Forum. Karen Jacob: President, Promoting Enduring Peace

2011   Arik Ascherman and Ehud Bandel
Rabbis for Human Rights • Bandel: Co-Founder
Ascherman: Exec. Director

2012   Amy Goodman
Progressive Journalist • Co-Founder and Anchor, Democracy Now!

2013   Bill McKibben
Founder, • Distinguished Scholar, Middlebury Coll.
Environmental Activist & Author • American Acad. of Arts & Sciences

2014   Medea Benjamin
Peace Agitator • Co-Founder, Code Pink: Women for Peace
Co-Founder, Global Exchange • Green Party candidate for US Senate

2015 Kathy Kelly and Tom Goldtooth
Kathy Kelly, non-violent anti-war activist— Tom Goldtooth leader of the Indigenous Environmental Network

2017 Ralph Nader and Omar Barghouti
Ralph Nader consumer, civic and peace activism, Omar Barghouti for his work using BDS to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israelis

2018 Jackson Browne

* Formally accepted the Award, but unable to accept in person
** Board Member, Officer, or Staff of Promoting Enduring Peace
*** Accepted but resigned before Award ceremony