Working for Peace on Earth and Peace with Earth since 1952

private Message to George Monbiot




I’m Administrator of  Promoting Enduring Peace a peace/environmental organization founded in New Haven, CT in 1952.  We’re best known for our Gandhi Peace Award(which we gave to Bill McKibben in 2013). We’ve been active in promoting the large climate marches in DC and NYC and opposition to fracked gas power plants locally in Connecticut. We showed one of your videos about rewilding at a conference we sponsored last spring about the Green New Deal and anti-capitalist solutions to our path to climate catastrophe.

We would like to invite you to take part in our Shafer Lecture via the internet this fall. Shafer Lectures in the past have been given by Frieda Berrigan, Timothy Snyder, Christian Parenti, Gale Walker and Phil Donahue. Our idea is to have you speak via Skype or Zoom and participate in the Q. and A.  We’re thinking of having it in the early afternoon (our time) on Sat. Dec. 7.  That way you could skype-in in the early evening, your time.  The date is early enough in the month so college students wouldn’t been concentrating on upcoming exams.

Our idea is to have two speakers, the other would be Christopher Sebastian. He’s copyeditor by profession and a staff writer at Vegan Publishers, a part-time lecturer on speciesism at Columbia University and board member of Peace Advocacy Network. He focuses on examining the relationships between animal violence, environmental racism, classism, and capitalism. His personal website is here and this is a link to one of his most popular lectures.

We know you and Sebastian both don’t necessarily have the same interests or views, but we think the combination would be fruitful. 


We’d can offer you a $250 honorarium for participation in our Shafer lecture.

We hope you find this idea attractive.

I can be reached at or at 202-573-7322. I’m arranging for getting a WhatsApp number for our organization.


Stanley Heller